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Fundy Adventure Rally

It's what made the Fundy Adventure Rally famous! The A-B-C Team Ride combines five legs of about 100 km each, into a 500+km loop that starts and ends at Adair’s Wilderness Lodge. Each leg has three optional routes - the A, B or C, ending at a gas station where you can fuel up and get refreshments.

The easiest is the A option that uses a mixture of paved and easy gravel roads that would be accessible by most cars. The B option wicks it up a little with rougher gravel roads that you'd want a good pick up truck for and is suitable for armoured bikes (bashplates, etc). Then there are the C routes: note that the entire leg is unlikely to be all /only C-level riding, however there will be spots where it gets awfully muddy, rocky, steep... or all three. There may be some pretty good water crossings to tackle too. This is ATV territory and for the skilled rider with a competent (read 21-inch front wheel), prepped adventure/dual-sport machine.

Talking of suitable machines, we recommend that you have an adventure or dual-sport type of machine with a minimum of a 19-inch front wheel, though a 21-inch front wheel will be what you need for any C routes. See more ride requirements below.

The route is by GPS only (each team needs at least two GPS unit - see our recommendations below) with all the options provided as tracks. Although the GPS files will be emailed out prior to the rally, if you have any problems or questions, experts will be there on Friday to address them.

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Event Properties

Event Date 08-16-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-19-2018 12:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Location New Brunswick, Canada

Location Map