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Black Dog Northwest Tour and Trail

Q: Where is the staging area going to be? (The old staging area was at ZigZag, OR)

A: Hood River County Fairgrounds. CLICK HERE to go to their site and see what they offer and how to get there. 2007 was our first time at the Fairgrounds and everyone loved it there!

Q: Do I have to reserve my camping/RV space at the Fairgrounds ahead of time?

A: No. You pay once you get there. Cost is a paltry $15/night for an RV/camper (w/hookups) and $10/night for a tent. A nice county employee will be coming around to get your money, not us. Oh, and no on-ground campfires allowed, so bring a way to keep your campfire above the ground.

Q: Where do I park my RV/tent when I show up at the Fairgrounds?

A: The place is massive, so take your pick. We'll be in a centralized area when you show, so you pick where you want. Click their link above to check out the size of this place.

Q: What's up with the Black Dog now being an AMA National Dualsport AND an AMA National Adventure Ride?

A: Hey, it's been a national dualsport for years and you can still sign up as a dualsport rider exactly the same. The ONLY difference is that you can sign up for the national Adventure Ride Series now instead (if you like) and be part of that series. Either Series is cool and you will automatically get your name (if you're an AMA member) thrown in the hat to possibly win a new dualsport bike or a new adventure bike at the end of the year from AMA! For that matter, you could enter one Series on one day, and enter the other on the second day!

Q: Are there other amenities or things to do in the area for my family, while I'm out riding the event?

A: Good God, yes! There is primo hiking just west of Hood River in the Columbia Gorge (Washington side too), there is parasailing on the river right in Hood River, there are nice restaurants in Hood River along with micro-breweries, mountain-biking trails, golf, etc., etc. CLICK HERE to contact the local Hood River Chamber of Commerce!

Q: Why does Danno always have his eyes closed when he gets his picture taken?

A: Along with timeless questions such as: what is reality? Why does toast land on the floor butter-side down? Is there another word for synonym? Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all"? ...and ... When it rains, why don't sheep shrink? ...we cannot answer this question. Danno is a mystery within himself.

Event Properties

Event Date 06-03-2017
Event End Date 06-04-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Location Hood River, OR

Location Map