Get your Adventure/Dual-sport event Sponsored by ADVMoto!

Being sponsored is a great way to strengthen your events branding and also get some great giveaways. Fill in the form below to find out more about ADVMoto sponsoring your event for FREE

What you'll get:

• The latest print copies of Adventure Motorcycle Magazine for all of your attendees **

• One-Year Print and Digital Prize subscription(s) for your raffle or prize ceremony (one or two depending on attendance)

What we'll need:

• Assurance that our print mags will be handed to each attendee at your registration desk (not simply left out for people to take)

• Display ADVMoto logos on your website, social media, and swag to promote us as sponsors

**In order to ensure each of your attendees get a copy of our magazine, ADVMoto will need the form below to be submitted at least four (4) months prior to your event. Adventure Motorcycle Magazine is printed on a bi-monthly basis and our printers need a head's up to process the order. Please email andrew(@) with any questions. Thanks for your support and we look forward to working together.